photo credits Lucie Žurmanová

Artistic Impression

Indonesian musician rooting in The Netherlands, Alfian Emir Adytia is actively performing cello and composing both classical and non-classical music. Alfian is fascinated by the complexity of Boulez's serialism, Covet's math rock, Bach's contrapuntal and at the same time the simplicity of Haruka Nakamura, genius of Bill Wurtz, charm of Brad Mehldau, noises of Merzbow.

Alfian drew several artistic achievements in the past such as The Best Performance Prize in the Zhang Jia Jie International Country Music Week 2013 (China), 1st prize at Composition Competition 50 Years of Blessings Avip Priatna 2016 (Jakarta), 2nd prize/Publikprijs in Asten Classic Award 2018 (Netherlands), 1st prize/Juriprijs in Willem Twee Chamber Music Competition 2018 (Netherlands). 

As a cellist, Alfian was involved in orchestras and festivals such as Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra, Jakarta City Philharmonic, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, New European Ensemble, Dordrechts Kamerorkest, Amsterdam Cello Biennale, Jazz in de Gracht, Tong Tong Fair, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Opera Forward Festival, Minimal Music Festival, Bachfestival Dordrecht and International Cello Festival Zutphen. Current on going projects as a cellist are his solo cello set, cello-piano duo Portal Musik and his new trio cello-synthesizers-tabla. Alfian is currently playing on a 1870 Radrizzani instrument, played before by Jeroen Bool, owned by Luc Bool. 

As a composer, Alfian is endlessly seeking voices and colours. With his gained knowledges in classical music, Alfian currently deepen his electronic side to find possibilities of harmony between these two. Several institutions and individuals who commissioned him are Jakarta City Philharmonic, Jakarta Concert Orchestra, Kompas Gramedia, Orkes Mahasiswa ISI Yogyakarta, Zutphen Cello Academy, Bagaskoro Byar Sumirat (oboist) and Angelica Liviana (pianist). His works have been widely played in Southeast Asia, East Asia, The Netherlands, France and in the US. Throughout 2016-2021, Alfian has been releasing 3 discographical albums - Nachtmusik (2016), Animinimal (2019) and Death Of Beauty (2021). 

Academic Impression

Alfian's first interest in music was guitar in 2001 (age 9) when his older cousin showed him his guitar strummings. His interest grew and began first his music theory and composition studies with his father, Yoesbar Djaelani in around 2002 (age 10). Three years later, he started to learn the cello with his father. 

In 2008, Alfian entered the High School of Music in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where he continued his cello studies with Brigida Berta. In 2011, Alfian pursuing bachelor study in Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta and study under Budi Ngurah and Asep Hidayat. His growth in cello during this period was also thanks to many external teachers and masteclasses with Caroline Kang, Marcin Szawelski, Stefanie Waegner and Matthias Diener. During this period, Alfian was being awarded a study scholarship by Tembi Rumah Budaya. 

In 2017, Alfian went further to study for masters degree in Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, The Netherlands. Studying with his main teacher, Larissa Groeneveld, his growth was even better and thanks to many other inputs from masterclasses by Maarten Mostert, Jeroen Den Herder, Roger Regter, Tim Kliphuis, Gavriel Lipkind and Ran Varon. Alfian also being taught in composition by Martijn Padding during this period.

During his masters study times, Alfian was being awarded Holland Scholarship for his first year and Fund for Excellence of the Royal Conservatoire for his second year.